Theresa and Lucy, the horse


Theresa Metronoma Johansson

Theresa grew up in that well known hot bed of bluegrass music, Eureka Community, Moore County NC. She maintained a very studious and pious demeanor, all the while reveling in the “real” country music until she hit high school and her energies were, shall we say, “redirected.” Therefore her high school and early college life, which was primarily spent avoiding any and all actual responsibility, remains a bit of a fog. Blame it on that devil Rock & Roll!! Finally emerging from the ‘70’s blur she went on to graduate from NCSU where she planted deep roots and hunkered down to 30+ years in the biology department. The Kudzu Rambler’s snagged her up out of her hopeless mire as a bluegrass musician’s wife (sit in the kitchen, eat and drink while the husband fiddles) and put her on the bass to keep their time for them. Metronoma is her middle name!